Contoh Non Disclosure Agreement Dalam Bahasa Indonesia

For those who have been in the business world for a long time, the concept of confidentiality agreement or NOA is often to be heard. The company and employees need to understand the NDA as an important form of the agreement. Because without good understanding, an abandoned NOA can come to the green table. Especially in patient-physician relationships or in the insurance industry. In fact, in cyberspace, NOA has been used for a long time. For example, if you want to create an email account or a social media account. We must have seen a lot of boxes to check. The form can be either a disclaimer or an NOA. When we click on the link, we are redirected to a page that contains the articles of the agreement in a privacy respect. Lawyer with his client.

The basis of the relationship of mutual trust between the lawyer and his client led to the large number of client secrets that the lawyer knew. This confidentiality must even be respected by the lawyer, even if the client is no longer bound by cooperation. Like the medical profession`s code of ethics, the confidentiality of lawyers and clients is confirmed in the Code of Ethics and in the Advocates Act, Sections 15 and 26. On the basis of the civil article, violations of the NDA agreement may be subject to civil action and sanctions, as stipulated in the NOA agreement itself. How is that not bound by the existing law or employment contract? The aggrieved party can still take legal action if it feels offended. If confidentiality is disseminated on the internet, then the legal basis that can be used is the ITE law. Especially in the relationship between the lawyer and other legal cases. Although the term NDA is much better known in the business world, this agreement is used to preserve confidentiality in various areas. In fact, this has also been applied for a long time in the religious world. Pt.

Surya Makmur Sentosa, based in Jalan Pahlawan, Jakarta 125162, a company based on Deed No. 20 from and before Bambang Hidayat, SH, notary in Jakarta and his latest modifications with Deed No. 37, by and before Bambang Hidayat SH, notary in Jakarta, represented in this case by Indran Herlamb, SE. MM, as ceo and therefore acting for and on behalf of PT. Surya Makmur Sentosa is called the FIRST PARTY. NDA legislation is governed by the state in trade secrets Act 30 of 2000. There are 19 articles that address different questions about trade secrets. Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a confidentiality agreement between two parties in order to preserve the confidentiality of certain information and material that they may share with their access/information, but which cannot be known to outsiders (third parties).

What is the implementation of the NDA in the world of work? What aspects can link an NDA? We are processing this article. Therefore, a person has the freedom to enter into contracts when implementing the NDA. Contractual freedom means that the party is free to enter into an agreement as long as it is not contrary to law, decency and public order. This is in accordance with Article 1337 juncto 1338 of the Civil Code. Not all of the above examples are written. But the NDA has become a code of conduct that must be respected by employment. Even in the form of a code of conduct, there are still consequences if this agreement is breached. Article 1, paragraph 1 of the Business Secrecy Act mentions information in the field of technology and/or business and is not known to the public. This information also has economic value, is useful for business activities and is treated confidentially by the owner of the information.

A doctor or hospital that has access to information about its patients is bound by this NDA agreement. We have taken over the information system for hospitals, where the hospital provides highly selective data to support our work.