Jenks Public Schools Negotiated Agreement

No one who has publicly announced or declared a candidate for public office can use the commentary of the citizens of the school board meeting as an election campaign forum. Muskogee Varsity Football will start this Friday, August 21 with the Jenks scrimmage. This scrimmage is a round robin format that includes several schools. Jenks asks that fans only come to see their team`s games. Stacey Butterfield is Superintendent of Jenks Public Schools. Butterfield was appointed superintendent in July 2013. Butterfield`s previous professional experience includes the activity of Assistant Superintendent and Director of Public Relations for the District. [3] [4] The Board may postpone the executive meeting (excluding the public) for the purposes described in the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act. Each vote or action is taken at a public meeting.

Members of the Jenks Public Schools School Board are elected for a five-year term. Thank you very much for your request. A sales agent will contact you with your personalized offer. If you have not submitted your request, please check to see if you have entered your first name, email address and phone number. Independent School District 5 in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, debt due to the issuance of one hundred and eighteen million nine hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars ($118,985,000) are spent in series to collect and raise funds for the construction, equipment, repair and transformation of school buildings, the purchase of school furniture, equipment and school equipment, and the acquisition and improvement of school premises , in addition to all other taxes, on all taxable property in this district sufficient to pay interest on bonds as they mature and also to set up a declining fund for the payment of the principal of the bond when the dependant bonds of these bonds do not exceed the rate of ten (10%) is payable semi-annually and due in series within five (5) years from their date? [6] 2. A 10-year-long complaint; A complaint from pending staff filed with the district or an external agency; Muskogee will participate in a three-team tournament against Tulsa Washington and Jenks. At 7:30 a.m., Muskogee played a half-game against Jenks. 4. disciplinary sanctions, suspension, suspension, non-employment or dismissal; either a temporary suspension or a complaint from students that can be contacted by the Education Board. A primary was scheduled for February 11, 2020. Parliamentary elections were scheduled for 7 April 2020.

The Jenks Public Schools School Board is made up of five members who each work for five years. [5] Let us Know if we don`t have recognition in the workplace or industry – Add Awards On December 8, 2014, the school board voted to have bond issues on the ballot for voter approval. The first measure provided for the issuance of bonds of $118,985,000 spent on the construction, equipment, renovation and renovation of school buildings, as well as the purchase of furniture, facilities and school equipment, as well as the acquisition and improvement of school sites. A full list of descriptions and amounts of Proposal 1 is available in the table below.