Lpn Collective Agreement Nl

If you want a copy of your collective agreement on paper, talk to your trustee. If you don`t know who your administrator is or how to contact your office, contact the CUPE office near you. For the duration of the current collective agreement, Stage 3 of the LPN 1 salary scale will increase from $23.44 to $27.97. All CUPE members work under the protection of a collective agreement called a collective agreement. Your local union negotiates the terms of the agreement. Elected local union leaders also work with the employer to resolve workplace issues. The recovery of pensions that the government has asked of us has hampered our progress in securing a fairly negotiated collective agreement. Now that the pension issue has calmed down, we believe we will be able to conclude contract negotiations. We will keep you informed of all developments in the master`s negotiations. The five unions that are part of the Joint Sponsoring Board of Plans (CUPE, NAPE, RNUNL, IBEW and AAHP) have a voting record that determines their position on possible changes to the pension plan. Three of the five unions voted against the amendments proposed by the Government of the Netherlands. The $11.3 million announced by the government to fund local library services in the province is quite insufficient to meet the unique and pressured requirements of library services during the pandemic and are not even able to keep up with inflation. $11.3 million is what was spent last year.

In budget 2020, $25 per day care has been allocated from 2021, which will reduce pressure on young families and allow parents to enter the workforce or return to work. In addition, $62 million has been allocated to early childhood development programs that help families, educators and child care managers. Please participate in a virtual meeting for black, indigenous and racialized members in the Atlantic and maritime regions to participate in the development of a national anti-racism strategy for CUPE. Speakers included the report`s author, Christine Saulnier, Director of CCPA-NS, as well as Atlantic Research researcher Govind Rao de cupe and CUPE NL President Sherry Hillier. Sign up in advance for this webiner at zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_JoimXIK0SIWhG0Cx7CEOEg. . The people of our province must make an informed decision as to whether the construction of so many important infrastructure, such as private and public partnerships (P3s), is sound or whether these projects will have a negative impact on the public services we all need access to, and whether this is a storm that will make us think in a few years. In Budget 2020, $3.6 million was spent on the renovation and modernization of public rental housing, including addressing accessibility needs. In budget 2020, $10 million was allocated under the municipal action programme to support projects that prioritize water, wastewater, disaster prevention and regional cooperation. This strategy will provide a framework for the years to come, guiding CUPE National in our efforts to combat racism in the workplaces of our members, our union and our communities. The anti-racist strategy will be presented at the CUPE NATIONAL CONVENTION in 2021.

In two of the most important budget areas, the government has made little progress in increasing funding. K-12 Early childhood education and development received less than one percent – not enough to alleviate the problems of years of spending cuts, and not enough to meet the additional needs of the pandemic. This increase does not even keep up with inflation. This benefit is managed as part of the text of the Public Service Retirement Plan in Newfoundland and Labrador and certain legal requirements are provided for by the Public Service Pension Act 2019 (Act).