Master License Agreement Definition

Licensing agreements are often used for the commercialization of technologies. (c) The licensee does not have the right to provide the materials granted, directly or indirectly, without the express written permission of STATS, in a manner other than that expressly defined in this agreement for sublicensing, co-brand, co-market, white label, distribution, syndicate or any other form. Unless authorized in this Agreement, the Licensee may not translate, modify, modify, prepare or otherwise modify the documents granted and do not reproduce, distribute, distribute or issue the documents granted in a manner that authorizes the download, copying or re-posting of materials (or their parts) authorized to download, copy or re-edit. The licensee cannot create archival files with documents or parts of licensed documents. Nothing in this agreement limits STATS` ability to license materials granted to other parties. The materials granted must not be combined or displayed in combination with material or service that is obscene, pornographic, defamatory or otherwise illegal, or in connection with advertising for products or services that are obscene, pornographic, defamatory or otherwise illegal or that denigrate a sports league. Notwithstanding the above, the licensee must not be limited with respect to editorial or opinion content that relates to a sports league, club or federation. . (a) STATS granted the licensee, on a non-exclusive basis, the materials granted, as described in all work orders carried out by both parties, and subject to the conditions set out in them. Those who enter into a licensing agreement should consult a lawyer, as there are complexities that are difficult for those who do not have a deep understanding of intellectual property law. Another common element of licensing agreements is the party that retains control over copyrights, patents or trademarks.

Many contracts also contain a provision on territorial rights or distribution in different parts of the country or the world. In addition to the various clauses included in the licensee protection agreements, some licensees may add their own requirements.