Mt Sac Transfer Agreements

We know that transfer can be overwhelming for students, so we make things as easy as possible and give our students all the help they need to move to four-year university. Explore Guarantees Transfer Missions (TAGs) with six UC schools, joint transfer agreements with each CSU school and two admissions agreements with non-governmental universities to see how to qualify. Learn more about transfer guarantees and how to help you. In addition to the course minutes, all courses are subject to portfolio review prior to transfer approval. Mt. San Antonio College is a top 10 California Transfer College. Our students have a better chance of entering four-year universities than most of them, because our university courses are excellent, the great support we offer our students, and how easy it is for students to transfer. Students at California Community College can now benefit from a new initiative that facilitates transfer to a number of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Sign up for more information. The Degree for Transfer Associate makes it easy for students like you to move from a California Community College to a California State University (CSU). For the first time in stratified California, Community University students who are taking an AA-T or AS-T are guaranteed access to a CSU campus.

With this diploma, you have the opportunity to pass two diplomas of only 120 units if you apply and you are admitted to similar studies. Mt. SAC has a number of student programs to help students succeed and transfer. Look at these and get involved! Click on their names to go to their specific sites for more information. UC Transfer Admissions Learn more about UC Transfer Admission Conditions, Important Preparation Routes, Transfer Entry Guarantees and much more. The Northeastern Es College of Professional Studies facilitates the transfer process for university students. To participate in a bachelor`s degree program, students must apply to Northeastern University and meet one of the following requirements: UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) and Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Application This online tool is designed to help future UC students follow and plan their course work from California community colleges. Students looking for a DAY with one of the six participating campuses (UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz) can apply through the online planner. Through our membership in the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC), honorary students can also obtain transfer opportunities to many colleges and universities, including those listed below. For more information on the options and benefits these institutions offer to the winners, check out our HTCC partners. The Mt. SAC Honors Program offers honorary sections of transferable general education courses.

These courses offer an enriched program, seminar type courses, close interaction with the Honor Program Faculty, and specific projects and activities. In addition, Honors students can participate in special events and events, study and advise at the Honors Center Honors. Honors students who meet certain requirements may also participate in special transfer contracts with designated universities. ACES (Achieving in College, Ensuring Success) was designed to help low-income people go to university first in the family and/or students with disabilities with an associate degree and Mt transfer.