Purchase Agreement Outside Date

(ii) if the acceptance period has not been granted on the previous date (i) of June 6, 2015 and (ii) five months after the company`s execution and delivery of the agreement (the ”Outside Date”); if, on that date, all the conditions of the right of supply, with the exception of (x) the annex A condition, item b), of Appendix A, have been met or removed by the Sub merger (to the extent that current legislation permits) the sub merger and (y) the conditions which, by their nature, can only be met on the date of acceptance , are extended to the date four months after that date. , and such an extended date is considered ”Outside Date” for all purposes of this dash; Provided that the right to terminate the agreement pursuant to this section 8.1 (b) (b) is not open to any party that has breached its obligations in any way, in accordance with the agreement, in one way or another, which is the origin or which led to the acceptance period being reached until the post-7.1 date notwithstanding the contrary provisions of this agreement , this agreement may be terminated and the proposed merger may be abandoned at any time prior to entry into force, whether the company owner`s permission was granted before or after the consent of the business owner before or after the consent of the business owner (a) with the reciprocal written consent of Ultimate`s mother and the company; (b) by the parent company, by written notification to the other party, (i) if the merger was not completed on March 5, 2015 or before March 5, 2015 (the original end date); However, if (A) all closing conditions, with the exception of the conditions set out in 6.1 b) or 6.1 (c), are met or can be met on the initial end date, (2) none of the higher units then contravenes any of their assurances, guarantees, alliances or agreements, as they would have been taken on the original date and expiry date (with the exception of : in which such representation took place (except the guarantee, an earlier date is explicitly referred to, in this case, from that earlier date, provided that the terms ”on the date of this agreement” in the penultimate sentence of Section 4.10 (a) are replaced with ”from the initial end date,” 3) the terms of renewal of the financing are met and (4) the ”Equity Commitment Letters” are fully in force and the date end may, at the sole discretion of Ultimate`s mother, be in effect until the 5th. (B) the party intending to denounce this agreement in accordance with this section 7.1(b) (b) (b) must not have significantly breached its obligations under this agreement, which was cancelled before that date; (ii) where a competent court has issued or issued a similar injunction or order that permanently retains, classifies or prohibits the completion of the merger, and that injunction has become final and not questionable; Provided that the Contracting Party intending to terminate this Agreement pursuant to this section 7.1 (b) has undertaken the required efforts in point 5.6 and section 5.9 to prevent, reject and rescind such an order or similar order; or (iii) when the shareholder meeting (including postponements or possible postponements) is over (and the votes have ended) and the shareholder`s authorization has not been obtained; (c) by the ultimate parent company by written notification to the company, (i) if, at any time prior to the approval of the owner of the company, A) the company`s board of directors has amended the company`s negative recommendation or (B) enters into an alternative acquisition agreement; or (ii) if the company violates any of its insurance or guarantees or if any of its commitments or agreements set out in this agreement are not concluded, violation or non-compliance (A) of a condition referred to in Section 6.2 (a) or Section 6.2 (b) and (B) is not curable or, if curable, does not heal until (1) day of the 30th day , after the ultimate Parent ticked off at the company