Upenn Ed Agreement

2. Your school counselor: Your school trustee or other school official must register for your early decision. Scroll up to see the highlighted part in the signature block of Duke`s example. Their school counselor must protect the school`s reputation and ability to assist future candidates. So if your high school finds out that you are somehow violating the early decision agreement, they could take disciplinary action against you. It could affect your chances of getting into this school and others! If you withdraw in one way or another, the university`s admissions office will certainly contact your school to express its extreme displeasure, which could have negative consequences for the next student crop. One step that some school trustees do is refuse to send transcripts, letters of recommendation and other necessary documents until they learn the ED result to prevent you from getting into trouble. The authorities decided to limit the early decision plan after it was found that the original option did not sufficiently underline its binding agreement. The language of the new plan is very similar to the restrictive early action program used by Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford. So what`s the worst thing that can happen to you if you break with your premature decision? Well, you may lose your offer of admission from the school with which you tried to get out of your binding obligation and be blacklisted by other schools to which you applied. It`s not good. In short, schools are very careful not to take students who have already committed themselves in a binding way to another school.

Failure to follow common guidelines in early decision-making agreements could have serious consequences for a school. For example, a school could be sanctioned by not being able to participate in the joint application or similar application system in the future, or it could expect sanctions from the college. The short answer is ”yes,” but you must have a legitimate reason and you must contact the school you need to attend. With their permission, you can break the agreement.