Costing Collective Agreement Proposals

Appendixes A to E are a fictitious case, Great Northern University, to demonstrate the application of the calculation methods verified in the manual. Download pdf This manual and associated models provide a framework for modeling compensation structures and the cost of tariff proposals. However, the full value of the framework is based on the principles of providing a comprehensive, agile and systematic instrument for academic staff associations, in order to estimate costs independently of administration estimates. Changes in the negotiating environment and the strategic challenges faced by university staff associations in the higher education and higher education sectors have made the ability to provide an essential qualification. This guide aims to provide associations and unions representing university staff with a practical and progressive approach to calculating collective bargaining cost estimates. Download pdf The collective bargaining process requires careful preparation and strategy, especially for issues such as salary and benefit calculations. Accurate calculation can turn complex trading proposals into negotiable financial items. In this audio conference, a panel of experts will discuss different approaches to calculating the costs of collective agreements and explore ways to reach consensus beyond the negotiating table. Among the topics to be discussed, the first part presents the overall framework of the calculation model and introduces key concepts used in the calculation. Download pdf / / Slides – Videos Objectives and precise calculations can rewrite complex tariff proposals in dollars and tangible pennies. In this audio conference, a group of experienced experts and negotiators will discuss the basics of the computational models and assess how they can be used to communicate effectively beyond the negotiating table.

Topics to discuss are: . Valuable, up-to-date material and case summaries are available on our website. Each audio conference is accompanied by a PDF file with concise summaries of the cases discussed. Part 4 shows how the core annual model supports cost calculations in dynamic trading environments. Download the pdf / / Videos Part 3 takes the information collected on compensation, calculates costs in consistent formats and creates a basic year model. Download pdf / / Videos The second part is a systematic approach to identify all the elements of compensation and collect information on the total cost of compensation. Download pdf / / Videos – Slides Audio FILES Audio Conference MP3 files are available for $245.