Bcgeu Collective Agreement Sick Leave

Employees will be granted half a day off with payment to attend a funeral. In Time and Leave, use the payment code ”Funeral Pall-Bearer”. For more information on purchasing a leave, please see Purchasing Services. They may take leave without pay to care for a seriously ill family member threatened with death. Financial assistance is available through Employment Insurance (EI) care benefits. Find out how you can apply for compassionate care benefits. If PEA employees cannot work due to criminal restrictions, they can apply for unpaid leave until the court makes a decision. Other persons in this situation may be entitled to general leave without pay. If you move, you may be entitled to one day`s paid leave to move furniture and household items. Inform your supervisor of your two-week vacation.

The authorization of your supervisor or superior is required before taking any type of leave. A moving allowance is sometimes granted in addition to the period of leave for the staff necessary to move to work. In Time and Leave, use the payment code ”Moving Day Lv”. In the event of illness or hospitalization of your spouse or dependent child, paid leave of up to two days may be requested simultaneously if no one other than the worker can support himself. Please inform your supervisor of your holiday immediately. Your supervisor sends a service request to AskMyHR using the MyTeam or > Holiday and Leisure Organization categories > special leave or other vacation days, to inform them that you are in Compassionate Care Leave and to ensure that your benefit coverage and provision for seniors (if applicable) would continue if you are not there. This can be taken on unpaid leave. For more information about acquiring leave, see Benefits during vacation or termination to continue coverage of benefits and by purchasing services to learn more about purchasing leave.

Paid leave may be granted to an employee who needs to undergo surgery to donate bone marrow or an organ. Enter free time in Time and Leave with the payment code ”Donor Leave”. Employees may take a day off to attend a hearing for their child; Custody hearings have separate leave rules, which also allow for a day off with pay for an employee to participate in this type of hearing. The work exemption must be taken on the day the hearing (including a custody hearing) takes place.. . . .