Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement Enterprise

MSA Start The MSA Start program offers priority assistance in the event of critical incidents – during normal business hours via the Internet, telephone or e-mail. MSA Plus MsA Plus offers faster response to serious incidents. The customer can report incidents via a web portal, e-mail or via a dedicated telephone line. Critical Incident Support is provided for 6 hours and covers up to 12 cases per year. MSA Business As part of the MSA Business program, CTOs work on incidents. Incidents are handled with a higher priority than standard support – a request will certainly be received within 4 hours. The customer can report incidents via the web portal, by e-mail or via a dedicated hotline. Critical incident support is 24/7. Kaspersky Lab offers several licensing options that allow users to acquire or renew a license for the required products under the best conditions. Kaspersky Lab software is limited to one to two years. When the license expires, the customer can continue to work in the program, but no longer receives updates. To obtain software updates, the license must be renewed. Provantage is an authorized reseller of Kaspersky volume licenses For the smooth running of your order, we strongly recommend that you first inquire with Kaspersky about the program details and authorization.

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