Tenancy Agreement For Visa Application

It`s in Colchester. Yes, it makes sense to ask for a new agreement. Thank you for your reply. It may take more than 3 months before your landlord markets you if they decide to do so (for example. B for the violation of the rental agreement by making additional people live with you for so long). I think pr is a permanent resident. If the applicant and the UK partner plan to reside with their parents, family or friends, they must provide a letter and proof of ownership of the property on behalf of the person issuing the accommodation letter. Accordingly, the letter contains confirmation of the basis on which the applicant and his OR her UK partner may reside on the ground. Indeed, such agreements are valid as long as they do not violate visa rules for British spouses who offer decent accommodation. And part of the accommodation is reserved exclusively for the applicant and his British partner. For example, a bedroom, perhaps with a living room, is for exclusive use by the applicant. Even if your visitor does not pay personally for the trip, they must provide proof of their own financial status and income in their home country.

If this is not the case, the visa may be refused. The standard visitor visa category can also be used if you wish to visit the UK as an academic visitor or as a medical visitor. Learn more about standard visitor categories. .