Wayleave Agreement Talk Talk

I was asked to sign a year ago. I believe it was a cable television company. It was certainly presented to me as formal, which I had to more or less sign. I was quite dubious because they were very vague about the work they wanted to do. Eventually, they admitted that this would mean placing an unspecified size connection box on my property!! So I asked my legal department for mortgage companies. They told me I didn`t need to sign if I didn`t want to. If I wanted to, I would have to ask my lawyer to check that the agreement was correct and then send it to her (my mortgage company) for the final agreement before signing it. Of course, I asked the cable TV company to pay and they said no. So I said no. My neighbor told me that I was the only one of the neighbors who didn`t sign.

I told him why I hadn`t signed and he accepted it. Later, the cable TV company found a way to do this that does not go beyond the country of others. Here are the contact details of Openreach Wayleave. Birmingham team for existing facilities. You pay a one-time Wayleave contract fee. Since they are already installed, they cannot deny you an agreement or disable the installation without your permission. You are now in a very strong position if you own the property where your neighbor`s wire is secured to get a Wayleave deal from Openreach. The Roadmaps Bill is expected to be passed by all parties and has already received support from professional associations such as the British Property Federation and the UK Competitive Telecoms Association. as opposed to an easement) and are therefore not treated as land ”dispositions” and are personal between the parties. Most can be terminated by termination – usually a fairly long notice period of about six to 12 months – but can take many years.

So what you really want is a simple deal that gives them easy access to work (and makes it clear that you want it as before) and then end it. .